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Extra Large is from Santa Cruz, California. Our music is a hip blend of reggae, Latin, hip-hop, funk, rap, and rock that is uniquely “Santa Cruz” and irresistibly danceable. Our goal is to get people up and moving!


We have been voted best band in Santa Cruz for many years by Santa Cruz's two weekly newspapers, the "Santa Cruz Weekly” and the “Good Times”.  In 2013, we were voted Best Band again by the readers of the “Good Times”. On our homepage you can see the many years we have been voted number one and also the other awards we have won, including San Francisco radio station KGO's “Best Bands You've Never Heard”.


In order to stand out from the crowd, a band and its product have to offer something unique and exciting. Extra Large focuses mostly on its original material but also mixes in the right blend of covers appropriate to the event, as well. The key is that everything we play is lively, fun, and danceable. Much of the time most folks can't tell whether we are playing an original or a cover. Either way, the music makes them want to get up and move and that is what we aim to do.


The band has great energy on stage and is led by our dynamic front man, Russ Leal. His energy and positive vibe steal the show. One can't help but to be captured by his relentless positive and high-energy spirit. He wins over even the toughest of crowds and first timers to the Extra Large experience.


 Extra Large is uniquely positioned and suitable to fit any kind of festival, winery event, community gathering, wedding, casino, or corporate event. We’re a family-friendly band that can adjust and cater to any crowd from young to old. Our upbeat and positive music is infectious and leaves the crowd happy and wanting more.

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